Business Consultants


why cogestalt?

ge•stalt  (gəˈSHtält,-ˈSHtôlt/)     An organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. 

The term “gestalt” has its origin in psychology. The general meaning is “something that is made of many parts and yet is somehow more than or different from the combination of its parts. 

Although we are not psychology-based, we passionately feel that this is an appropriate construct for our firm, given the wide array of industry experience and academic background of the principals (Who We Are ).  Our experience in each individual market sector, organizational role, business type & size, and academic view is substantial taken one-at-a-time, but it’s the combination of these experiences that enables our holistic approach. 

​Rather than being all things to all people, our firm draws on this broad portfolio of skills to surgically address specific needs of individual customers. One size does not fit all.  We tailor our approaches based on a carefully developed understanding of the needs of each individual client, then execute as needed and appropriately according to the strategies and tactics specific to client objectives.  Whether the focus is on company growth, efficiency improvement, boosting market share, or problem solving, we help our clients reach their goals.

Why “co” gestalt?  For several reasons.  The most obvious is that our origin is in Colorado.  The most pertinent is that we operate in the “co” vernacular – COoperate, COordinate, COnspire, COrroborate,and get to the COre of client needs.  Most important, it is the COmbination of our skills that makes us who we are.

​​And we join you on the journey to success, however you define that. We work and achieve together as a team. That is true cogestalt.