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Our services

what we can do for you

We offer an experienced, objective view based on extensive experience in 
many industries.  We tend to ask a lot of questions so that we understand
specific circumstances and needs in the context of where you want to take
your business.  We can provide you solutions, but we’ve found that the most
effective solutions are where we help you find your solutions. The difference
is level of engagement and insight, ownership of the outcome, and
probability of continued success once we exit.

We’ll make recommendations for what to do, but also for what to avoid.  The
art of designing any solution is not only to enable what you want, but also to
​head off what you don’t want. 

Each type of business operates in its own way, and the size and stage of
development of a business influences both what’s needed and what’s appropriate.
Starting a company is not the same as making it operationally stable; making a
company grow sometimes requires coordinated instability; what works well in one
market doesn’t always transfer well to other markets.  Each client comes with
distinct cultural differences, whether it’s demographic, geographic, market-driven,
or discipline-related.  We not only recognize this, we’ve played enough in different
​sandboxes to know the differences.

We’ve taken this approach in all phases of product and organizational lifecycles - from conceptual development to production and delivery.  Although we have started several projects and businesses from scratch, we excel at taking existing projects and making them better. Each project has its own set of circumstances and issues.  We learn what they are and work from there.  So, our starting point is not a “formula”.  It’s an approach.

Finally, if we’re not equipped to address your needs, we’ll tell you.  Although we learn from every experience, we’re not here to learn at your expense.

Where we serve

Our base is in the Denver, Colorado area, but we serve the U.S. and Latin America.  We are equipped for long distance collaboration or on-site intimacy. Clients may opt to embed our team for specific projects.

Methods of engagement

We can advise and step back, or get our hands dirty alongside our clients. We’ll work on retainer, or on time and materials, or in special circumstances we can work within the employee envelope.  Tell us what you prefer, and together we’ll work out a game plan. 

How we operate

Our default mode of operation is to address specific targets on a project basis, which enhances the surgical approach inherent in addressing discrete, bounded needs.  Of course, many needs are due to systemic issues and not easily addressed in a bounded fashion.  We will work with you to define your needs, set up a plan for addressing them, and set up engagement methods that enhance that plan.  Each of our engagements will have pass/fail criteria, and exit criteria. 

​ We work with you at the level of discretion you require.  Of course, things move quicker when there’s open and unconstrained communication, but that may not work in your circumstances.  In most cases adhering to constraints will only require disciplined discretion on our part.  In more critical circumstances it may require additional technical or procedural measures to preserve anonymity and security.  We are familiar with various levels and will work with you to optimize for your circumstances.